Pre-Enrichment for Detection of Borrelia, Babesia, Bartonella and Mycoplasma


The enrichment media are intended to increase the copy number of specific pathogens and improve the test sensitivity, especially for pathogens that prefer colonizing tissues and do not circulate in high copy numbers in the bloodstream. When inoculated with the patient sample (whether it is whole blood, tissue biopsy, or a swab from a specific infection site), the enrichment ingredients that enhance the growth of different pathogens will substantially increase the chances of detecting low-copy pathogens by Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) following a ten day incubation period.

We currently offer Pre-Enrichment followed by PCR for the following organisms:

  • Mycoplasma species
  • Bartonella species
  • Babesia species
  • Borrelia species
Cost: $125 per organism in addition to running the test. 


Whole blood: 1-2 ml of whole blood collected in an EDTA tube or a regular syringe should be transferred to the culture medium, and the tube should be recapped and shipped back to the laboratory.

Tissue Biopsies: a small piece of the tissue biopsy should be transferred to the enrichment medium tube. The tube should be recapped tight and shipped back to the laboratory.

Swabs: if the specimen is collected from an infection site using a collection swab, the swab should be inserted into the tube, broken off, and left in the medium. The tube should be recapped tight and shipped back to the laboratory.

Please do not refrigerate the media once inoculated. Room temperature storage is adequate.

Feel free to contact the laboratory if you have any questions.

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