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Clongen Laboratories offers a broad range of specialty Molecular testing procedures for clinicians, hospitals, clinical laboratories, and researchers. We can develop customized protocols for clinical trials and any other special project required for investigational drugs, vaccines, or other biologicals.
Providing High Quality Test Services For Your Health!

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Clinical Diagnostics

Company History

Ahmed Kilani, Ph.D., President and Laboratory Director: The company was founded by Dr. Ahmed Kilani in 1999 in Mountain View, California. Dr. Kilani registered the company in California and conducted business as a Biotechnology Consulting Firm. Dr. Kilani holds a Bachelor degree in Medical Technology, a Masters in Clinical Science (San Francisco State University) and a Ph.D. in Infectious Diseases and Immunity (University of California at Berkeley, 1999). He is also board certified nationally (American Society of Clinical Pathologists – ASCP) and in California (Clinical Laboratory Scientist – CLS/MT). Dr. Kilani has extensive experience in Microbiology, Virology, Molecular and Cell Biology. The laboratory facility in Gaithersburg, MD was established in 2004. The company consists of two main divisions: Clinical Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases and Contract Research. We hold state and national licenses in laboratory medicine (CLIA-Certified). Dr. Kilani can be contacted at 301-916-0173 (Ext 204) (877-CLONGEN) or by e-mail at akil@clongen.com.
Clinical Diagnostics
To reduce your wait time, complete the personal information on the form in advance, some tests may not be covered!
Providing High Quality Test Services For Your Health!


Clongen Labs
Clongen Laboratories offers a broad range of specialty Molecular testing procedures for clinicians, hospitals, clinical laboratories and researchers. We can develop customized protocols for clinical trials and any other special project required for investigational drugs, vaccines or other biologicals.
While we have our own Diagnostics Development research projects, we welcome other research projects from external sources and are ready to assist you in developing a protocol and provide free consultation on external projects. Please call the Clongen Laboratory Director for further information.
Clinical Trials
Clongen Clinical Laboratory has available specific resources and capabilities for clinical trials and research projects. Contact the Clongen Laboratory Director for further information.
We offer Microbiology services (microbial identification), Genotyping of mouse tails, custom molecular and cell biology services such as custom cloning, protein expression and purification, western blotting, quantitative real time PCR, cDNA library construction and screening, DNA sequencing under GLP conditions and other custom assay by request.
Clongen Laboratories is directed by medical specialists in Microbiology, Virology, Molecular and Cell Biology. These full-time professionals are available for consultations with clients concerning the significance of test results, unusual cases, and other technical matters. We do our best to assist clinicians in selecting the most suitable tests for their patients and offer detailed explanations of test results and methodologies at no charge.
At Clongen Laboratories, our goal is to provide our clients with timely, accurate and dependable test results and support services. Based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, we are licensed by the state of Maryland and the Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ) – CLIA to provide reference testing for other laboratories nationwide.
Turnaround Time
Test turnaround time is the number of days that will usually elapse between the time Clongen receives a specimen and the time the results of that specimen are released. More complex analytical methodologies may require more time. For up-to-date information on individual tests, please call client services at 1-877-256-6436.

Quality Assurance

25+ Years Of Experience
The primary goal of the Quality Assurance program at Clongen Laboratories is to deliver quality results in a timely fashion to our clients.
This program is designed to assess and monitor all aspects of the laboratory, from specimen collection kit construction and delivery through accessioning and specimen validation, assay performance, result reporting, and customer support. The analytical performance of the laboratory is monitored through external and internal programs. External proficiency testing includes participation in programs conducted by the College of American Pathologists. Internal Quality control is monitored by running high standard quality control material with each run, running split samples within our own laboratory, and running split samples with other quality laboratories.

Licenses and Certifications:

Clongen Labs
CLIA Department of Health
License Number: 21D1032144, Expiration Date: 03/05/2025
License Number: 1206, Non-Expiring
State of California MT License
License Number: MTA38516, Expiration Date: 04/04/2024
All clinical laboratory testing performed at Clongen Laboratories are subject to the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA ’88). Clongen Laboratories maintain current CLIA, Maryland State Licenses, as well as accreditation by The College of American Pathologists.

Clongen Labs also hold two active FDA registrations:

Blood establishment registration – good till 07/31/2024

CAP Number: 8717089
AU-ID: 1685665
Proficiency Testing
Certificate of Participation: 2023
Tax ID Number
51-0505181, Active
Rhode Island State Health Department
License Number: LCO00757 Expires: 12/30/2025
Pennsylvania State Health Department
License Number: 033055, Expires: 08/15/2024

Helping To Deliver Answers For Health Questions With Fixed Commitment To Excellence & Quality Of Our Results.

The insights we gain through testing then fuel our drug development practice, by identifying patterns and individuals who might benefit from enrollment in specific drug trials with the support of diagnostics capabilities to deliver reliable data.
To provide a comfortable and safe environment for our patients, please avoid wearing scented perfumes or creams when visiting us.

Improving Your Health Through Automation

Partnering for Through our investment in new high volume chemistry tech, we have brought next generation.

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Building a healthier world clearly means looking at the future genetics and being ready for using it.

Innovations In Vaccines
& Drug Development

In the face of a growing street drug crisis, we need quick and accurate screening is a matter of life and death.

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Shared Purpose

We care for our patients, each other and our communities and excellence is the standard of working quality.

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We work with you to develop individualised care plans, including manage of chronic diseases can provide referrals.

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We can provide referrals or advice about the type of practitioner you require to treat all enquiries sensitively.
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