Clongen Laboratories offers a broad range of testing Services.
DescriptionTestCPT CodeTurnaround
Clostridium perfringensV0191-3 days
Dermatophilus (D.) congolensisV0211-3 days
Encephalomyocarditis VirusV0221-3 days
Mycobacterium chelonaeV0541-3 days
Mycobacterium ulceransV0551-3 days
Mycoplasma pulmonisV0591-3 days
Pasteurella multocidaV0641-3 days
Strongyles wormsV0861-3 days
Trypanosoma evansiV0901-3 days
Vesicular stomatitis virusV0911-3 days
Yersinia enterococliticaV0931-3 days
Yersinia pseudotuberculosisV0941-3 days
To order tests, please complete the following sample submission form and include with the diagnostic specimen
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