An effective way to increase copy number using pre-enrichment prior to PCR amplification

A New Approach to Overcome Low Detection Limits. Over millions of years, tick-borne pathogens have adapted to the host in a way that ensures their survival. They evolved and developed strategies to evade and down-regulate the immune response and hide in tissues to avoid being attacked by immune cells, antibodies, complement, and other immune reactive elements. The evolution of those stealth pathogens introduced many challenges to laboratories trying to diagnose infections with tick-borne pathogens.

The copy numbers can be extremely low in whole blood and tissues. Our strategy is to amplify the target before trying to detect a signal. We offer an enrichment protocol that allows those fastidious organisms to propagate to larger numbers over a 10-day incubation period, making it easier for laboratory scientists to detect them using state-of-the-art Time Polymerase Chain Reaction detection platforms.

Please call our main Laboratory Number to request an enrichment medium.

Collection kit. (877-CLONGEN (256-6436)

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